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"Sascha Baron Cohen Comes to Dinner"

Sacha Baron Cohen has finally settled on his next few films. First he’s already at work on Bruno, a Borat-like movie based on his least popular character, a gay fashionista named Bruno who makes mid-westerners uncomfortable by flaunting his extreme homosexuality. But once he’s done with that, Variety says he’s likely to end up in to a film called Dinner for Schmucks at DreamWorks.

Directed by Jay Roach, the guy who brought you Austin Powers and Meet the Parents (and was a producer on Borat), Schmucks is based on a French film about a weekly dinner party where the host challenges his friends to bring the most pathetic person they can find as a guest. It’s kind of like one of those asshole frat parties where drunken rich kids bring fat girls and then make fun of them. In this case, the fat girl is Sacha Baron Cohen, as an individual who is such a big schmuck he destroys the personal life of anyone he comes into contact with.

You’ll next see Sacha in Sweeney Todd opposite Johnny Depp as Signor Adolfo Pirelli, his rival.
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